Hey, I'm Logan

and I like to build cool stuff

Partners I've Worked With...


Quickbooks Green Screen

The Intuit Quickbooks Green Screen was built for a conference booth to allow end users to visualize just how easy it is to do their taxes anywhere with Quickbooks. The green screen backgrounds included peaceful views of the beach, the mountains, and other various vacation style options


Smirnoff House

The Smirnoff House brought a unique house party experience to some of the biggest EDM festivals in the world including the kickoff event at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. There was digital content throughout the house which included old tv's and picture frames that displayed branded content and live video feeds of the festival. There was also a green screen experience in the house that allowed users to text or email their photos to themselves


Tiny Hands Photo Shoot

The Trolli Tiny Hands Photo Shoot was a one day event in the middle of Times Square. The Tiny Hands gummies were a limited edition for the release of Deadpool 2. The end users would register to be a model in the photo shoot and show off their bags of Tiny Hands gummies in their best and goofiest poses. The photos were then edited in real time and approved to go up live on a digital billboard

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