Hey, I'm Logan

and I like to build cool stuff

Partners I've Worked With...


Tiny Hands Photo Shoot

The Trolli Tiny Hands Photo Shoot was a one day event in the middle of Times Square. The Tiny Hands gummies were a limited edition for the release of Deadpool 2. The end users would register to be a model in the photo shoot and show off their bags of Tiny Hands gummies in their best and goofiest poses. The photos were then edited in real time and approved to go up live on a digital billboard

Citi Bank


The Citi Bank JOYTM's were created as a way to spread joy to the end users and to put joy back into the banking experience. The JOYTM's were replica Citi Bank ATM's in a ballpit in Times Square that dispensed tickets that could be redeemed for various prizes with the rare golden tickets having the best prizes

Crown Royal

The Change Machine

The Crown Royal Change Machine was an interactive photo booth experience that empowered users to make change in the world through donations to local charities. The user was able to take a custom double exposure photo and take home a print, record a video describing what change meant to them, and make a charitable donation to a local or national charity of their choice

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